Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tea Time (Just Don't Ask for it Iced!)

For several years now my morning caffeine of choice is iced tea. I have never liked the taste of coffee (although I am partial to flavored lattes - the milk and flavoring kill the coffee taste!) and I stopped drinking soda when I was in college. If I don't have enough tea in the morning, I get terrible "caffeine headaches that make super grumpy - not what you want on vacati. When I travel, if I'm not sure there is a coffee shop in the hotel where I can get my morning fix I often take some tea bags with me and make my own. I started to pack some for London and then realized that the British are big on tea, so it shouldn't be a problem and I unpacked them. Wrong. Big mistake.

Since we are Hilton VIP members, breakfast was included with our room. The first morning we sat down and when asked what I wanted to drink, I said, "do you have iced tea?". The nice young man who waited on us gave me the deer-in-the-headlights look so I asked for some tea and a glass of ice. Problem solved.

Not so fast. Trying to give me what I wanted, the nice young man had put a tea bag in a glass of ice water. Now unless you have the special Lipton Cold Brew bags (which I love and which do not work in hot water, btw), tea does not brew in cold water. My glass of "tea" looked more like dirty river water with lemon. Hmmmm. After breakfast I ran over to the coffee shop across the street. No iced tea either, but at least they had iced lattes. Headache averted!

The next morning at breakfast, the same nice young man was prepared and brought me a pot of tea in which he had placed ice cubes and an empty glass. By the third day, the glass had ice. Now I was set. Except that the fourth day was the nice young man's day off. Our server on the fourth day gave me the same confused look when I asked for a pot of tea with some ice cubes in it and a glass. I think she must have put in a few since the tea was lukewarm rather than hot. I let the request for the glass go and drank it from a tea cup.

Our last night was spent in Cardiff, Wales at a Barcelo Hotel and breakfast was also included in the room. I didn't even ask - I drank my tea hot.


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  1. That's so funny! Iced tea is rather rare in the UK I'm afraid, we like our tea hot! You can get it in bottles and cans in shops I think! My husband found that he couldn't get a proper hot tea in the US - cultural differences!



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